Meet the team building a better clean routine one BRIXY bar at a time.

Kevin Brodwick


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Trey Vilcoq

Co-founder | Chief Executive Officer

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Jennifer Brodwick

Co-founder | Head of Sales & Marketing

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BRIXY Advisory Team

Guy Berechit

Expertise: Strategic Growth for Emerging Brands

Experience: President, Global Beauty Care at Johnson & Johnson


ExJill Friedson

Expertise: Brand Strategy & Content Marketing + PR

Experience: VP of Marketing at Conde Nastample title

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Joe Dickson

Expertise: Natural & Organic Products

Experience: Co-Founder at Merryfield, former Director of Quality Standards at Whole Foods Market

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Holly Means

Expertise: Brand Strategy and Portfolio Development

Experience: VP, Global Beauty Care at Johnson & Johnson

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Jeff Williams

Expertise: Branding & Design

Experience: VP of Design at Expedia Group

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Trevor Ross

Expertise: Finance & Supply Chain

Experience: 2x Founder & CEO (LIVE Soda, Boundless Nutrition)

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Scott Levitt

Expertise: eCommerce & Operations

Experience: 4x Founder, Investor & Advisor

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