Have you ever dreaded the moment of dropping yet another empty bottle of shampoo into the recycling bin and hoping it would get recycled? Well, we have. As it turns out, only 9% of all plastic waste is actually recycled with most of it ending up in landfills, or worse yet, the environment. Images of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch send our heads reeling. All of this got us thinking: What could we do to reduce the environmental impact of the products we use every day? Could we actually make it a “net positive”.

BRIXY bars were born from the idea that exceptional body care
doesn’t have to come in a plastic bottle.

With our expertise in making safe products, we disrupted entire product categories from baby bottles to sunscreen on the issue of toxic chemicals. With BRIXY, we now turn our sights on the personal care category on the issue of sustainability. When choosing a shampoo at your local store, why are you faced with a giant wall of plastic?

The core team at BRIXY has a track record of working together and delivering exceptional results for the world. While we are constantly holding ourselves accountable, we choose to operate much like a group of good friends, or even family. We make decisions as a team and always focus on our mission and pillars when shaping the future of our company.

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