While we try our best to recycle, the reality is the system for recycling plastic is largely broken.

Less than 6% of the plastic produced gets recycled. Once a plastic bottle ends up in the landfill or the environment, it takes over 400 years to decompose. And we have 10m tons of plastic flowing into our oceans each year. That sinking feeling of dropping yet another empty shampoo bottle in the recycling bin hoping it got recycled was too much.

What if we created exceptional hair care products without all the plastic waste?

BRIXY bars were born from the idea that exceptional body care
doesn’t have to come in a plastic bottle.
shampoo and conditioner bars for all hair types

The Founder and CEO were good friends long before they started working together.

After developing a line of hugely popular safe sunscreens, they set out to do it all over again with their next chapter.

Through a shared vision of doing right thing for people and the planet, they’ve set on another journey that is BRIXY.

We ask hard questions, cheer each other along and try to have fun along the way.

This chapter of the story, we’re all in together!

The core team at BRIXY has a track record of working together and delivering exceptional results for the world.

While we are constantly holding ourselves accountable, we choose to operate much like a group of good friends, or even family. We make decisions as a team and always focus on our mission and pillars when shaping the future of our company.

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