Trevor Ross

Finance & Supply Chain

Trevor Ross is an investor and advisor who is a serial entrepreneur that has started and sold multiple companies in the food and beverage industry.   He became interested in better for you products when he lost his sister to breast cancer, which was a wake-up call to re-prioritize health and well-being in his busy lifestyle.  Trevor has built two different manufacturing facilities and launched products in major retailers all over the country.  Trevor found his way to success through grit and determination and making lots of mistakes along the way.

Trevor loves advising brands on everything involved in creating a brand and manufacturing a product.  Trevor is a great problem solver that has an affinity for financial modeling, supply chain optimization, and branding and sales.  Trevor loves setting up efficient and effective processes that help companies scale.  He loves a good problem and building and working with great teams.

Trevor loves spending time with his wife and two amazing kids.  You can find him by water most days either swimming laps in the pool, or wake surfing.