Scott Levitt

eCommerce & Operations

As a serial entrepreneur, Scott has started, bought, and sold several eCommerce companies… scaling them all profitably.

After 30 years of being a founder / CEO, operator, entrepreneur, and investor, you could say that Scott had plenty of time to make his fair share of mistakes, was lucky enough to work with many great people, learn a thing or two along the way, and find his way to success. More interestingly, he is an avid endurance athlete with a ridiculous passion for cycling.

Scott’s core focus these days is investing (both his time and money) in people and companies where he can have a meaningful impact. Think of him as an experienced startup executive with a deep understanding of how to bring new products or services to market and get them in front of customers who are willing to pay for them, profitably!

Scott’s real-world hands-on business operator experience ranges from scrappy startup guy to ultimately holding several C-suite positions (CEO, CMO, CTO). His career experience has given him a unique ability to deliver big ideas, ask tough questions, and develop and nurture teams that deliver results!

As a lifelong endurance athlete and cycling nut (i.e. the type of person who is perfectly willing to wake up at absurdly early hours to watch pro cycling races live in Europe), Scott understands what it takes to be successful over the long haul. He understands that (no pun intended) time in the saddle matters. And he understands that there’s nothing more fulfilling than sharing what you’ve learned along your journey so others can learn and benefit from your experiences.