BRIXY bars are super easy to use. For anyone new to shampoo and conditioner bars we’ve put together a guide to show you just how easy it is! We’ve even color coded the bars (no artificial colorants!) so you can easily tell our shampoo bars apart from our body wash bars once you’re using them. We recommend keeping the bars dry when not being used so they will last even longer, and we’ve designed our own shower accessory, dubbed the BRIXY Bar Boat, to do just that.

So easy to use, you won’t miss
your old plastic bottles!

Lather BRIXY shampoo bar directly to your wet scalp until suds form. Massage throughout hair using your fingers, focusing on your scalp. We aren’t masseuses, but we like to take a minute to enjoy the head massage anyway. Rise well and follow up with the BRIXY conditioner bar. Your hair will thank you and so will the environment.

The conditioner bar needs a little extra love and attention to allow all those super hydrating ingredient to go to work The more moisture your hair needs, the more time you should spend with your conditioner bar. Trust us! It’s worth the extra love and attention
After shampooing, warm the bar in your hands under water until you start to feel it soften and product release onto your hands. Then, with wet hair, you can use your hands to apply product, or apply the bar directly to your hair. Keep getting the bar wet and using your hands to pull away product until you’ve reached the desired amount. You can rub the bar down the lengths of your hair and even side to side to grab more product. Use your fingers to comb the conditioner throughout and let it sit for a few minutes while you go about another of your clean routine. We suggest spending the time with a shower song or a simply start-of-the-day meditation. Whatever your vibe is, use this time for yourself. Rinse your hair thoroughly and mentally prepare for all of the compliments you’re going to get!

Lather onto hands, loofa, or directly to body. Wash all over- relishing in the sweet scent of cleanliness. Rinse your body thoroughly .Continue to your next clean routine task or just take a minute to enjoy this moment of relaxation Inhale, exhale, and feel good about helping us reduce plastic waste.

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