Beauty Conscious
Bars that work so well
you won’t miss your old plastic bottles! 


Gentle cleansers,
super hydrators,
no sulfates, and vegan 

Planet Friendly
Feel good about looking good!
Lasts longer and plastic-free

better bar. better planet.
BRIXY bars were born from the idea
that exceptional hair and skin care
doesn't have to come in a plastic bottle.
The best reasons
to make the switch!
Why Bars?
Simple to use and a
surprisingly great experience!
How to use?
The premium ingredients
in our bars and why!
What's in them?

“The shampoo bar is incredible.
I didn’t expect it to suds so well
or feel so clean.
-Laurie C., Hairstylist

"Loved the Brixy shampoo bar.
Made my dry hair feel amazingly
soft and clean.

-Sarah G., Del Mar, CA

“Finally got to use
my fancy Brixy bars -
my hair is so soft and luxurious!
-C. Morgan, Actress

Surprisingly sudsy experience, delivers great results.
Beauty Conscious
Lasts 2 to 3 times longer than your "old school" bottles!
planet friendly
Premium ingredients, no liquid fillers or plastics.
Mindfully Made
Making Better-For-You also better for the planet
our elevation story