Beauty Conscious

Products that work so well you won’t miss your old bottles of hair and body care.

Mindfully Made

Clean ingredients, palm oil free, cruelty free, vegan.

Planet Friendly

Feel good about looking good! BRIXY bars last longer and our packaging is plastic-free, always.


“The shampoo bar is incredible. I didn’t expect it to suds so well or feel so clean. Super easy to use, even on my thick hair. Seems gentle, yet effective and my hair didn’t feel dry or tangly before using conditioner. Really cool product!”
-Laurie C., Hairstylist


"Loved the Brixy shampoo bar. Made my dry hair feel amazingly soft and clean. I especially loved how much it suds up for being a natural shampoo. I usually have a hard time finding something that doesn't make my hair super tangled and this did the complete opposite. I would definitely recommend it to my friends and clients who have been struggling to find a natural shampoo that actually works!"
-Sarah G., Hairstylist, Del Mar, CA


“Finally got to use my fancy Brixy bars-my hair is so soft and luxurious! When I told my kids that the bars in the shower were not soap but in fact shampoo and conditioner, I made them both feel my soft hair (yes, I really did that!)”
-C. Morgan, Actress