Kevin Brodwick


In 4 sentences, tell us about your background experience.

My background in consumer products began during my work at a lab funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), where we were focused on harmful chemicals leaching from consumer products. To tackle this issue head on, I created Thinkbaby and Thinksport, which launched a series of “Better for You” products across baby bottles, body care, sports bottles and beyond. Our focus on safe products landed us in over 27k locations worldwide and stories in just about every major magazine and newspaper. To say the least, it was an amazing journey and we’re excited to extend our work with Brixy.

What is your favorite Brixy product, why?

We have been working on the bars for a couple of years. Getting both the performance and clean ingredients to make the best possible solutions has been an amazing journey. The process of selecting the scents was also quite involved and required quite a few noses. As the creator, my favorite thing is always going to be the next thing that we’re working on to add to the story. Unfortunately, that’s confidential….

Name 3 ways how you’re living an environmentally friendly

1. Creation of a company to help others live for environmentally conscious, 2. Creation of a non-profit focused on planting of trees to embracing simple daily things to reduce impact, 3. Reduction of plastic use, recycling, reduction of electrical use, planting of low water vegetation.

Name 3 positive words to describe you.

Creative. Determined. Passionate

Name 3 people (living or not) that you’d invite to your
dream dinner party.

The short answer is my dad.  It would be amazing to get to share with him all that has happened. For the other two, it would be adding Einstein and Beethoven which would be especially entertaining for him.

If you could learn any skill, what would it be?

My first thought was language and more specifically being fluent in Chinese or Italian. But it would sure be helpful to be able to do CAD drawings. I find that when I create things I tend to draw them first and then send it off to a firm to create the computer model. It would be more fun to just design things from scratch on my own. It would also increase the number of things created.

What’s part of your daily routine that you look forward
to every day?

If there is such thing as a coffee snob, I would be at the apex of that word. Morning routine always starts off with some type of coffee prep. I’m also quite focused on staying heart healthy, so I have a rather involved method of preparing oatmeal…  In general though, I look at life as buckets: social, relationship, work, health, athletic and I enjoy moving filling those buckets daily.

Favorite color?

Dark blue. The color of the sky right before it goes to black.

Favorite pastime?

This answer can’t be one simple word. I love being on my bike, whether it is road, gravel or mountain biking.  For winter sports, snowboarding and cross-country skiing top the list. For rainy days, guitar, cello and acrylic painting are my go to creative outlets.

Favorite quote?

My quote is really an excerpt from a Walt Whitman poem. 

That you are here—that life exists and
That the powerful play
goes on, and you may contribute a verse."

This or That:

Shower or bath? Shower for sure. Not in love with how much water is used for baths.

Ocean or mountains? Mountains, but I love both. And I’m strongly motivated to protect them.

Sunny day or rainy day? Sunny days are great for outdoor adventure, but I find that my creativity is always highest during a cold, rainy day. Also a good rainy day provides a nice artificial break from working out outdoors.

Early riser or night owl? For sure early riser. I’ve tried to break this habit, but my best work has always been before most folks are awake. I also love watching the sun rise.