The BRIXY Bar Boat
The BRIXY Bar Boat
The BRIXY Bar Boat
The BRIXY Bar Boat

The BRIXY Bar Boat

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The stylish shower accessory your BRIXY bars deserve! We designed the Bar Boat as the ideal solution for storing BRIXY bars. This compact shower accessory holds 3 BRIXY bars and keeps them dry when not in use, which makes them last even longer. It features individual drainage slots and non-slip feet. Made of cement, it’s super durable and easy to clean. The Bar Boat is the BRIXY bar’s BFF!

BRIXY bars sold separately.

Dimensions: 8" (length) x 3" (width) x 1.5" (height)

Directions: Stores 3 BRIXY bars. To clean, simply rinse with water. Use a scrub brush if needed.

Ingredients: Cement

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Beauty Conscious

BRIXY bars deliver an exceptional experience leaving your hair looking healthier and your skin feeling softer after just one use.

Mindfully Made

Made of only the cleanest ingredients for a better bar. 

Planet Friendly

Our packaging is plastic free, always. One BRIXY bar will last as long as two plastic bottles of conventional personal care.

Using BRIXY Bars

You may be curious about the whole BRIXY bar experience, especially if you haven’t used a shampoo or conditioner bar before. Take a breath and rest easy, our BRIXY bars are simple and delightful to use – and not all that different from conventional products (except without all the plastic waste)!

Our Clean Ingredients

From our gentle cleansers to our super hydrators, BRIXY bars are full of clean, high-performance ingredients. We value transparency and invite you to take a closer look at each of the ingredients we use. It may leave you wondering how we got so much good stuff in such a cute little bar!

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