We created BRIXY for health & beauty care enthusiasts. BRIXY bars don’t just work as good as conventional products in plastic bottles, they work even better. BRIXY bars deliver an exceptional experience for healthy-looking hair after just one use.


A luxuriously sudsy experience!
With BRIXY bars, you’re getting all the best, high-performance ingredients just without all the extra water and plastic waste of conventional products. Combine the use of our effective ingredients with a rich, sudsy experience, and there’s nothing you’ll miss about your old products.

Gentle, yet effective!
BRIXY bars use gentle cleansers and pair them with super hydrating ingredients like coconut il, cacao seed butter, argan oil and shea butter leaving your skin and hair clean and nourished, never dry!
Retaining color is all about cleansing the hair gently and keeping it hydrated. Our shampoos and conditioners are pH balanced and safe for color treated hair.

Leaves your hair soft, shiny and smooth!
Whether your hair is straight, curly or coily, BRIXY bars leave your hair looking beautifully healthy. Here’s to every day being a great hair day.

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