The Future is Plastic-Free! California Passes New Legislation

The state of California just passed major legislation against the use of single-use plastic packaging. Per the legislation, companies selling shampoo, food, and other products wrapped in plastic have 10 years to cut down their use if they wish to continue selling on California store shelves.

It’s no surprise that companies tackling the plastic waste issues are seeing a surge. Eco-conscious and sustainable brands have been around for years now, but expect to see a rise in plastic-free options as we move forward into the next 5-10 years.

BRIXY bars were created specifically to combat these types of worldwide issues. As a company, BRIXY approaches each aspect of our business with conserving resources in mind. Using the minimal amount of packaging needed and making sure that packaging is easily recyclable and compostable. 

There are added benefits to using bar personal care products over the more traditional liquid versions sold in plastic bottles. First and foremost, the bars last much longer – conservatively, one 4oz bar lasts at least as long as two 8oz plastic bottles of conventional products. Helping you to reduce your environmental footprint and to keep more dollars in your pocket. We are firm believers that exceptional hair and body care doesn’t have to come in a plastic bottle.

Read the full article on California’s new law here. Visit to learn more about BRIXY bars and our focus on consciously being more planet friendly.