Sustainable Skincare: Comparing Water-Based Cleansers To Solid Soap-Free Formulas

Hi besties! Today on the BRIXY blog we're breaking down the traditional composition of facial cleansers, typically water-heavy, and comparing them to our solid soap-free alternatives. Discover how our facial bars outlast liquid counterparts, boasting the same potent ingredients without the excess water, and still deliver top-notch results. 


Waterless Beauty Formula: 

Waterless beauty is a transformative approach to skincare formulation. Most mainstream companies hesitate to produce waterless beauty products due to several reasons as water serves as a cost-effective filler in many formulations, helping to dilute active ingredients--- decreasing overall efficiency and increasing product volume. By using solid facial cleansing bars compared to traditional water-based cleansers, we omit water as a filler ingredient in skincare products that can deliver concentrated skincare ingredients, maximizing efficacy and minimizing waste. This forward-thinking formula not only reduces the carbon footprint associated with water transportation, water conservation, and plastic packaging also extends the shelf life of products, promoting sustainability and eco-conscious beauty practices.  


Microbiome and Healthy Skin Barrier: 

Your skin is a bustling ecosystem, teeming with trillions of microorganisms like bacteria, fungi, and viruses, collectively known as the skin microbiome. These invisible life-forms play a vital role in maintaining skin health and overall well-being. Your skin microbiome acts as a protective shield, working tirelessly alongside other components of your skin to combat infections, regulate pH levels, and promote healing and inflammation control. It's like having a personal army of superheroes guarding your skin against external threats! Environmental stress factors, such as pollution and extreme weather conditions, lifestyle choices, genetics, diet, and harsh skincare products, can disrupt the delicate balance of our skin's microbiome and compromise the integrity of the skin barrier. A disrupted skin barrier leads to various skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, rosacea, and wounds that don't heal properly. This imbalance, known as dysbiosis, occurs when there's an alteration in the composition or function of the skin's microbial community. Researchers are also exploring how dysbiosis may relate to other conditions like vitiligo, albinism, dandruff, toenail infections, and warts. BRIXY’s new facial cleansers are enriched with science-backed ingredients like ceramides, niacinamide, antioxidants, and humectants like castor oil and glycerin work synergistically to support a healthy microbiome and reinforce the skin barrier. Whether you have are looking for face wash for sensitive skin, acne-prone skin, oily skin, or dry skin; this holistic approach to skincare helps shield against external aggressors, promoting overall skin health and resilience. 


Plastic-Free Bars for Long-Lasting Sustainability: 

Embrace the ethos of sustainability with plastic-free skincare solutions. Solid skincare bars, such as facial cleansers, offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional liquid products. By eliminating the need for plastic packaging, these bars reduce plastic waste and contribute to a more sustainable beauty routine. Additionally, their solid form ensures long-lasting usage, replacing multiple plastic bottles and minimizing environmental impact. Our popular BRIXY bars are made with Forest Stewarship Council (FSC) certified paperboard. This means it comes from sustainably managed forests. Our packaging is also home compostable, 100% recyclable, and replace up to 3 plastic bottles!  


pH Balanced Facial Care for Optimal Skin Health: 

Maintaining the natural pH balance of the skin is essential for preserving its health and function. The skin's acid mantle, a protective barrier composed of sebum, plays a crucial role in defending against irritants and pathogens. Skincare products formulated with a slightly acidic pH level of 5.5 mimic the skin's natural acidity, helping to preserve the integrity of the acid mantle and support a thriving microbiome. When using a face wash that’s pH-balanced, the skin tends to appear healthier and more balanced. It maintains its natural acidity, which helps to support the skin barrier function and keep it hydrated. Skin may also look smoother, clearer, and more radiant, as pH-balanced products are gentle and less likely to cause irritation or disrupt the skin's natural balance. By prioritizing pH-balanced skincare, individuals can mitigate common skin issues and promote a healthy, radiant complexion. 


Unlock the secret to radiant, healthy skin with BRIXY's Facial Bars - the perfect fusion of sustainability and skincare excellence. Try our plastic-free alternatives and embrace a skincare routine that's kind to your skin and the planet. Our latest launch challenges the norms of traditional skincare by offering solid, soap-free alternatives that are as effective as they are eco-conscious. From our innovative waterless beauty formula and premium gentle ingredients to our commitment to preserving the skin microbiome and reinforcing the skin barrier, BRIXY Facial Bars are a testament to sustainable skincare at its finest. Say goodbye to plastic waste and hello to long-lasting sustainability with our plastic-free bars, while embracing the importance of pH-balanced skincare for optimal skin health. With BRIXY, skincare isn't just about looking good—it's about feeling good and doing good for your skin and the planet.