Innovations in Natural Beauty - Global Cosmetic Industry

It was gratifying to see the ever expanding beauty and skin care section at Expo West, a leading tradeshow in the natural, organic and healthy products industry.

After waiting for two years for it to reopen, this tradeshow was back in-person and bigger than ever. The show was full of exciting, better-for-you brands in a wide range of categories including the beauty sector. Many brands incorporated plant-based ingredients and applied sustainable methods to their production and design.  

According to Jessica Rubino, executive director of content at New Hope Network, “The natural products industry is increasingly becoming an industry that supports and elevates diverse, women founders, as well as diverse communities. The beauty industry should lead the way by bringing inclusive, accessible natural products to all people.” 

Rubino was also very encouraged by exhibitors’ efforts in climate action.  

“Natural products companies are making real, measurable climate commitments in addition to delivering products that are better for their consumers’ health,” she said.

Everyone was uplifted and motivated and I truly believe that was the prevailing attitude articulated by Rebecca Hamilton, owner and co-CEO at W.S. Badger Co. 

Hamilton said, “We have always been mission driven but having high ideals and doing something good in the world is very different from looking at the data and knowing what you have to do to have an impact.” 

The great news is manufacturers are responding to what consumers have been asking for.  

Rubino also observed a trend that I hope we see a lot more of: joy.  

“Companies are embracing a more joyful approach, which makes them more accessible and supports a greater mission around happiness and mental health,” she said. 

Here are eight of the trends we spotted that are sure to make an impact.

Waste Reduction For A Better Planet    

Brixy is an eco-conscious brand that wants you to feel good about your impact on the earth and look good from using efficacious shampoo and conditioner bars. Its bars were born from the idea that exceptional personal care doesn’t have to come from plastic. One Brixy bar lasts longer than two 8 oz plastic bottles. They are formulated for hydration and balance, made with clean and effective ingredients. The bars don’t contain palm oil, sulfates, phthalates, parabens or artificial fragrances.

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