We’re about replenishing the planet to safeguard against climate change and....

........bringing back the beauty of natural habitats.

Tree Planting

With every purchase, consumers will receive a packet of tree seeds (based on their location).  Our goal is that every “Brixie” will join us in taking an active role in planting trees across the US and in the near term globally. This is just the beginning of how we'll take action together.

Collegiate Activation

Creation of a nationwide network of ECOEVO members which will both engage in tree planting sessions and running the non-profit. As we're building for the future, we need to be building our future thought leaders for the environment. We've found that no group is more motivated than Gen Z.

Thought Leaders

Linkage to current thought leaders and professors to help provide "actionable steps". All too often the information on how we can all do better is too complex or too difficult to find.  Our goal is to provide the world with very easy daily steps. As a collective these steps will have a very real, positive impact on the world.

As we continue to grow ECOEVO, we will provide back meaningful insights into impacts from both carbon offset to trees planted. We certainly have some lofty goals. But now isn’t the time to sit on the sidelines and hope. We prefer action and we hope you’ll join us.