Shampoo and
Conditioner Bars

Sure, it's eco-friendly, but did you know there are real beauty benefits in switching to solid hair care!
When looking for effective plant powered ingredients to care for your hair and scalp, you need look no further than BRIXY's shampoo and conditioner bars.

Our soap and sulfate-free shampoo bars deliver the sudsy experience you're expecting, without any of the harsh cleansers commonly found in water-based shampoos. You won't find any SLS, SLES, silicones or liquid plastics like PEGs in our hair care.

We've concentrated our hair care bars with gentle cleansers and super hydrators like coconut oil, argan oil and provitamin B to help nourish strands while cleansing away dirt, oil and product build up.

All our shampoos and conditioners are color safe as well!
WHY pH MATTERS Did you know your scalp skin is the same as what's on your face? Beyond the skin barrier (AKA, the lipid layer) is the acid mantle, a thin layer made mostly of sebum that protects us from potential irritants and bacteria.

A healthy acid mantle allows our microbiome to flourish and protects us from environmental stress that could damage our scalp and lead to issues such as dryness, itching, flaking and dandruff.

The pH of our scalp and hair is slightly acidic/neutral and when compromised can reduce our natural ability to ward of harmful pathogens. That's why our shampoo and conditioner bars are perfectly balanced at 5.5 to promote a healthy scalp where healthy hair growth can thrive!
The cherry on top of all the beauty benefits of solid hair care is the postiive environmental impact of reducing plastic waste.

Each bar replaces 3 8oz bottles of water-based shampoo or conditioner. This means you're purchasing less often, saving money and using less resources as you go about your clean routine.

Not to mention, our entire line comes in plastic-free, home compostable and fully recyclable paperboard packaging.

Straight, Curly, Coily, Dry or Oily...Find the shampoo and conditioner bars that work best for you and build a clean routine you can feel good about.


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