Creating beauty conscious personal care products that are mindfully made using clean ingredients. Our BRIXY bars are planet friendly without any plastic packaging. We also educate about sustainable living while supporting the planet through our give to a non-profit we created.

Better bar. Better Planet.

Beauty Conscious
Products that work so well you won’t miss your old plastic bottles. BRIXY bars deliver an exceptional experience leaving your hair looking healthier and your skin feeling softer after just one use.


Mindfully Made

Building a better clean routine one BRIXY bar at a time! Made with clean ingredients for a better bar. Learn

Planet Friendly

Feel good about looking good! Our packaging is plastic free, always. One BRIXY bar will last as least as long as two plastic bottles of conventional shampoo.

Our Give

We donate 1% of sales to ECOEVO to support their mission of bringing back the beauty of natural habitats.

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